One Year Racing (Read 240 times)


    On August 20, 2011 I ran my first race. Saturday August 18, 2012 I ran the same race to put the finishing touches on 1 year of racing.


    I came to runninng later in life and I'm just shy of three years into running. I'm still pretty slow but optimistic that I can change that.


    My race times for the year were as follows:


    08/20/2011 HM 2:12:10

    01/01/2012 HM 2:05:16

    04/28/2012 Marathon 4:48:10

    08/18/2012 HM 2:03:46


    The marathon was always my big goal and I was very happy to finish one but the race that put the biggest smile on my face was the HM just the other day. I woke up race morning with a headache and felt sluggish but I put my gameface on and headed out.


     I ran ten minute miles for the first 5 miles and then went for broke just as I had planned. I had no idea if I could maintain the pace for that long but when I crossed the 12 mile marker with a PR well within my reach I found another gear. I ran the last 1.1 sub 9:00.


    I'm looking for some advice and how to develop more speed for next year. I know for a fact that more miles will have to be part of any plan. I've done a few intervals and some up-tempo half mile repeats and my training log shows I can clock some faster times when I run hard but how do I transition that to long distances at the faster pace? Is it simply a matter of more overall miles with consistent up-tempo efforts built in?


    Happy Running!

    2013 -Sub 2:00 for 1/2 marathon


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      2013 -Sub 2:00 for 1/2 marathon