Does Basketball help running? (Read 1610 times)


    Yes, provided you don't over do it..


    It's a good form of cross training ... assuming you make the effort to get up and down the court. Basketball requires a lot of aerobic endurance, and so long as you're not wearing yourself out with it in addition to your XC training, it's a fine way to spend your time.


    The different motions required in basketball will strengthen muscles not used in running which is a good thing overall for injury prevention.


    The process is the goal.

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      obviously not an expert but here are my thoughts anyway.  basketball, just like any physical activity will help promote overall fitness. it would help with aerobic/anaerobic endurance as well as muscle strength/endurance.  It may help to increase stride length (although difficult to do) and stride quickness, both of which may help in shorter run events,  5k-10k but not as much a factor in longer races.  problem with bb would be more chance of injury and added muscle fatigue which may hamper your running training. Pick up games with friends w/o specific bb drills, strengthening/stretching exercises will not help your running, just increase chance of muscle soreness/injury.  If running is your main goal then there are much better cross training options such as cycling, swimming, core/strength training, hiking up mountains, etc. Overall & for the long haul, bb not really the wise choice to "enhance" your running. on the other hand if you love bb & helps with boredom with your normal training then by all means go for it.   At your age, also, bit less chance of injury & you have quicker recovery time!  I can almost remember when I used to be able to play bb, baseball, run, stop & go etc. on same day, wake up next day & do it again. ha

        thanks for all of the feedback. i usually play every wednseday night and sunday about 2-3 hours long. plus i run about 35 miles per week. i always thought basketball would help in leg strength and speed, since you sprint and jump a lot.

          As a freshman in high school, don't get overspecialized.  I think playing different sports will help strengthen muscles you wouldn't necessarily use in distance running, which will also help running by preventing muscle imbalances.  I play ice hockey once or twice a week - its basically my interval workout and much more fun than being on the track.  In addition I've corrected some outside of leg/inside of leg muscle imbalances that were causing me knee pain in the past when I wasn't skating and haven't had a problem since.


          That said any sudden movement type of sport does increase your chances of injury, be it basketball, tennis, volleyball.


          For the poster saying the best guys on his team had the best vertical leap - not necessarily true.  Our #1 had a 1 inch vertical leap, our #2 guy probably less.  I was #6 and could dunk, and our #3 started on the basketball team.  It has nothing to do with how fast you are, its fast twitch muscle and vertical leg-push strength. 

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            This was an excellent post, up until this point.


              running high-knees.  It sounds fun.



              I agree.  Those are the best kind of hineys.  (hinies?)