At what age did you win your first race?(overall male/female) (Read 444 times)


    So Ima young girl runner that is already winning races(against older people) And i want to know if this is normal. I won my fist race at age 10 it was a 5k. I had just started running. My latest race that i won was a mile race at the age of 11 with a time of 6:00(It was a very hilly race).

      It's not normal because only one can win any race. However, winning is often simply a function of who else shows up at your races.  As with all non-track races, make sure you know the distance is accurate before you claim a certain level of fitness. 6 mins for a 11 year old girl sounds like a pretty decent time. If you want to know how that time ranks for your age group, there are age graded calculators that can do that for you (http://www.runbayou.com/Wavacalc.htm Wink


      Congrats on your early success  Good luck.  Keep it fun.

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        I have been running since I was16 and never won a race and never will

        first race sept 1977 last race sept 2007


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          I was 36 years old, and the only reason I won was because I had entered a very small race with not many participants.  Like was mentioned before, winning an event is just a matter of who else enters the race.  My time in the race was not fast.  In another setting with different competitors I may have come in dead last!


          i am glad you discovered running and the joys of competition.  I hope that enthusiasm stays with you your whole life.

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            I take any win as serendipitous because I know there are many runners out there much faster than me. I won my first race as a 14 year old in 9th grade. I won because the race was restricted to 9 graders and only 3 runners were in the race, one of whom had never run a mile before. I don't recall winning another race for 9 years when I won a small, inaugural 3.25 mile road race with maybe 50 runners. All the good runners in the area ran at another, better known and well established race that day.

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              I won my first race as a senior in HS winning the 'slow' heat of a 1600m (5th overall in the standings) then I won a number of races in college running and some road races here and there since then.  Like others have said though it is a matter of level of competition and who else shows up. I went to a small division 3 college, had I gone to a bigger school and faced tougher competition I doubt I would have had any college wins.

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                8 or 9 yrs old during a company picnic.  dad was working for Shell oil company at the time up in Anacortes Washington.   had no idea that I had any kind of speed until then.   Another race I remember was in 4th grade in N. Calif.   I was the new kid at school, maybe my 2nd or 3rd week.  Did not win (2nd or 3rd) but came close enough to the kid that everyone thought was the fastest runner ever.    Before that nobody really paid any attention to the shy new kid.  this little race gave me affirmation/acceptance & confidence.  wow that was a long time ago


                  I would think it's pretty unusual (in my area, anyone) for someone that young to win a race outright.  I'm guessing it has happened before, but there are literally Olympians and national elites in most of the races I run so...  Yeah, I've never won a race.  Smile  I've finished 2nd woman overall at least twice at very tiny races.  Edited to add: if we're counting high school stuff, then, I've won lots of races.  I think I was undefeated - or close to it - in the 300m hurdles during the season of my junior year.  Then chokes in the county championship.  Still feels bad.  Disapprove


                  Keep up the good work!  It sounds like you have some talent.

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                    Good job little lady!  Keep it up.  Smile

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                        I can't say as I've ever finished first in any public race (though I've finished first in some of our club races when the fast guys don't show).   Winning races just isn't in the cards for me.  Enjoy those wins when you get em.


                          I was about 7 years old.  Jeff O'Malley and I raced to the swings at recess.  I won.  In your face, Jeff O'Malley.  You got beat by a girl.


                          As an adult, I never expect to win a race.

                            I started running for the first time ever at age 37 started doing races at age 38 and in a few months time, won AG awards at age 38.


                            I seem to have topped out at about a 22:00 5k.  There a good number of folks in their 30's who run sub-20's, so whether I win an AG award or not seems to fall on who shows up for the race that day...


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                              I have never won an organized race, and probably never will. I suppose I could conceivably win in my age group, but given my level, that would require very favorable circumstances which come together about as often as a solar eclipse.

                              I ran a 10K last year, and as usual, I stuck around for the awards, just becasue I like doing that. THey did the awards for the 5K first, and I realized that if I had run the 5K, I could have got the 2nd place medal in my age group. This was due to the fact that all the better runners had signed up for the 10K, as 5K are two a penny these days. Given that I have never had an age group award, I thought that I would sign up for the 5K next year, and was momemtarily quite excited about this. The race is coming up again, and I will not be signing up, I have a different race on my calendar, with zero chance of winning a medal.

                              95% percent of us on here if not more run with others but against ourselves. We care more about our times than whether we beat JAck, Paul or Judy.

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                                PS.  ANYONE can win an Age Group Award.   --- It is merely a question of what age group you have to compete in.  Certainly anyone running in the 75-79 Age Group at most local 5K's will qualify for an award?!    


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