At what age did you win your first race?(overall male/female) (Read 444 times)



    Third grade on "fitness day." Sean Meyer and Matt Mackey were out sick. I edged out Walter Miller and Thomas Maher, ftw.


    Mine is eerily similar. 3rd Grade. I was always the fastest girl but could never beat Matt M. or Dan H. Dan H. was out sick that day and Matt was having an off day so I beat everyone in the mile and threw up right afterwards.

      I'm 61 year old, have been running off and on since I was 27 and I'm still working on winning one.


      I came in 50th out of 500 in a Half Marathon once and 5th in my age group a few years ago in a 5K........


      One of these days Ill nab one.....until then, Ill just linger mid-pack and not sweat it much...

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            I won a few 3 mile physical fitness tests whilst in the marines. These are sort of like races, everyone starts at the same time and there are serious bragging rights on the line. I was 22-26. More to the point, my 14 yr old daughter has won two 5ks this year. They each had about 100 in the field. She recently finished 2nd in a much larger race with over 500 female runners. So, the point is, I think, if you are a talented runner it should show up pretty early on.


              Lots of fast elementary school kids getting sick the day of time trials.  Not making any accusations.  Just making an observation...


              I thought I'd look up the winning woman's time from my PRs this year just to see how far I was from the overall winner...


              5K: 17:05 (5:30 pace)

              10K: 34:13 (5:31 pace)

              10M: 52:46 (5:17 pace)

              HM: 1:19:32 (6:05 pace)

              M: 2:53:28 (6:38 pace)


              I can't even run 1 mile at those paces.  (Okay, I could probably belt out a 6:38).  So, I'm truly happy when I win anything at a race.

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              My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.


                I was third in my age group once.  Does that count?


                No.  3rd place=2nd loser.  Joking

                “What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the fight in the dog. – Dwight D. Eisenhower


                My blog is JT Running DC.  It's awesome.

                  I was 34, a 5k in 2012, and it is the only real race I have ever won.  It wasn't even small, about 300 people; there just wasn't anybody faster than me that day.  Normally the winning times for these kind of low-key 5ks are around 2+ minutes faster than the time I ran that day.  I have to say it was pretty awesome though.  At about the 2 mile mark I asked a volunteer how far up the next person was, and he looked surprised and said I was the leader.  It is the only time I remember feeling real panic when I came to a fork in the road near the end that wasn't marked; luckily I guessed right...

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                    "Win" a race?






                      If I were to win anything it's just a fun run.

                        Most of the people who win [5k-10 mile] races are "just running a workout" because they're training for a race where they'll have competition.

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                          If you want to experience winning a race that usually has at least 40 plus people in it, go on a Disney Cruise and run the Castaway Cay 5K.


                          You'll probably win for 3 reasons:  1) It starts relatively early in the morning and most people want to sleep in on vacation,  2)  It's usually 5 million degrees and humid, which most cruise passengers aren't used to, and 3) this, the night before:



                          Big grin


                          (PS:  I agree with spaniel and Joe)


                            I can beat my not quite 2 year old in sprints from one side of the family room to the other.


                            That is about the only 'race' I'm ever going to win.

                            5K  20:23  (Vdot 48.7)   9/9/17

                            10K  44:06  (Vdot 46.3)  3/11/17

                            HM 1:33:48 (Vdot 48.6) 11/11/17

                            FM 4:24:33 (Vdot 33.6) 11/8/14



                              We had a track & field day in 8th grade, and I think 3 of us ran the 1/4 mile race.  I won and set the school record, which stood for a couple years after, though I couldn't tell you the time any more.  I really doubt I'll win another race Wink

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                                2nd Grade. 50 yd backward. First place ribbon.


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                                Generally, I agree with spaniel  -  running with faster people is better for my times - my best race this summer was on a track, and halfway into the first turn almost the entire heat was in front of me. This was best for me, as it gave me plenty of targets to try to catch (of which I caught some).

                                It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.