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    Anyone ever ventured on to this website   http://www.mtnathlete.com/  ? Just read a good magazine article about getting stronger and it referenced this site. I have never really done much leg stregnth workout during my running training. I was thinking it could be benficial.


    Anyone use this site before ? Anyone suggest any combo of the exercises they list as a good lower body workout for distance runners ?

      Most of it is password protected so it's hard to tell but it doesn't appear to be geared toward distance runners.  And really, leg strength workouts for runners are fairly well known and include mostly hills, strides, drills and--oh yeah--lots and lots of running at various speeds and distances.  If your goal is to become a faster runner at 5k to marathon I don't think you'll find the secret on Mountain Athlete Dot Com.  If on the other hand you're a competitive snowmobile racer based near Jackson, Wyoming and you find yourself using expressions like"Yeah guy!" during workouts, well maybe it's worth a look.


      From the home page: "This fall we hammered several professional big mountain freeskiers and one snow boarder with an intense dryland ski training work up. This was a grueling, relentless, 5-day/week training program which required commitment and extreme effort from these athletes. If they missed a session, didn't train hard enough for my liking- I was down their throat. 

      We understand the level of danger these athletes expose themselves to. In addition to getting them strong and fit for competition, we build strength and durability so they are harder to injure, harder to kill." 


      Come on now.

      Runners run.


        Yeah - I kinda skipped over the "verbage" and simply previewed the exercises. I do an annual ski trip each year and get in a little snowshoeing too for some good cross training. But I hear ya - just thought I'd incorporate a few of their exercises along with the running. Thanks


          For shorter distances you do see runners including more explosive training in their workouts such as plyometrics and bounding.


          But Lydiard has bounding up hills too.

          The process is the goal.

          Men heap together the mistakes of their lives, and create a monster they call Destiny.

            harder to kill 



            Not with a high powered rifle they aren't.