Weird treadmill running form (Read 247 times)

And in the end...

    Seriously, who the F cares what someone else is doing on the TM?  Really?  You care enough to video tape someone?


    Dude, live and let live.  Let it go.  Do your thing.  RUN MORE!


    Fuck it. I'm gonna PR this fall. Let's do this.


      90% of the people in my gym does it, I thought that was the norm. One of the girl was doing 9.7mile per hour, ~6.25pace, her hands were death grip on top of the panel and elbow against it tightly the whole way. 100% of the incliners, 5% or up, runners or walkers do it too. Maybe thats meant to be.


      Its alright though. For them, I am the weird one because from time to time someone usually come up to me asking why I run so long, sweat so much. They usually tell me I am skinny and I don't need to run. I just smile and walk away. We are all weird. O_o


        Sometimes when I'm running on a TM i flap my arms like a bird. It's great for the lat muscles.

          Does it reduce their impact, kinda like an anti-gravity machine? The steep slope may be to reduce impact. or not.


          I'm an outdoor person, but was thankful to have a tm (free gym pass) to use when recovering from surgery. I had no core strength and could barely move on a snow-covered trail and roads were recently snow covered again. Didn't need any core strength for tm, but could get some cardio out of it.

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            Sometimes when I'm running on a TM i flap my arms like a bird. It's great for the lat muscles.


            Apparently, you've missed the "running like an ostrich" thread. It was full of, well, stuff.

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              Phenomenal Treadmill Fitness Routine. Bet you can't keep up


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                One guy at the gym I go to seems to hold on with his hands in order to support himself while extending his strides as far forward as possible and landing with a heel-striking, bizarrely lurching gait.  This actually causes part of his feet to hammer down against the plastic part of the front of the treadmill, resulting in an awful racket as his footstrikes echo loudly around the gym like gunshots.  At times the sound gets so annoying that I want to  leave the premises.

                Another gym patron, a woman, appears to hold on because she sets the treadmill going so fast that she can't keep up without doing so.


                I see the same people at my gym. Aside from the walkers who are holding on for dear life when setting the incline at some insane climb, the runners are all delusional as they actually think that this is a viable method to get faster. Their logic is that in order to get faster, one does not run a diverse set of workouts (like tempos, VO2Max/speed intervals, strides, etc.), so what they do (and I have seen this and several explained this the same way) is that in order to run faster they simply (this is their workout regimen) set the treadmill at a faster pace and hang on and run. When I asked one if they had gotten faster, they said "yes, I can now run faster" (on the treadmill holding onto the side). So I prefaced and asked if they had gotten faster running outside and they said that they don't run outside much (probably because they can't get any faster running outside since there are no rails on the side to grab onto)!

                There are a couple of guys my size and the racket they make is awful and distracting (and I think damaging to the treadmill). They all look like gorillas as they are bent over (hanging onto the rails) and over striding to the nth degree. If you see someone doing this, take a look at where their center of gravity is -- their lumber area is taking all of the force and based upon the racket the impact forces have to be 5x to 10x of normal running. One can only imagine what they are doing to their lower backs.


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                  Weirdest treadmill running habit I've seen is people that drive by 20 miles of beautiful paved rail trail on a bright sunny 65 to 70 degree day to go to the mall to jump on a treadmill.


                  That's just strange Roll eyes