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     Long run every 3 weeks 30/ 35K.  Last 32-35K 4 weeks before race day.Count backwards from race day. 3-- 30/35 miles in a 18 week program.Pete Pfitzinger suggests a 4 week taper.


    +1.  My brain has a hard time figuring out Ks, but this seems about right.  I think you want to be doing 16-20 miler long runs pretty regularly.  Some may disagree about the length of taper, though.

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      I have thrown together a draft plan for my last 9 weeks heading into my first ever marathon Oct 30th which you should be able to access on my log.  Would appreciate any comments advice especially:


      1. Have I gone overboard with amount of 30km+ runs?  I have run 6 so far but always 2 weeks apart

      2. Taper.  The usual debate, how much and when.  I have my feelings on a HM taper but not sure re marathon in terms of balancin keeping fresh with keeping the stamina top notch.


      Any advice gratefully received. Big grin

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        Does  the percentages in your plan represent % of HR. If so you will probably have dead legs at the start line. Do you ever truly slow down?


        3:40:00 marathon training paces from McMillan.


        Endurance WorkoutsPace/MilePace/K
        Recovery Jogs 9:54 to 10:24 6:09 to 6:28
        Long Runs 8:54 to 9:54 5:32 to 6:09
        Easy Runs 8:54 to 9:24 5:32 to 5:51

        Run until the trail runs out.

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          Sorry my percentages are just "real un scientific representations" of effort for my own purposes


          Generally -


          Recovery 70% is just a slow almost "plod" to roll the legs over

          Easy 80% is a nice easy well formed run where I can easily hold a full conversation if running with a partner

          Steady 90% is working a bit harder where broken converation only is possible

          Race 100% is going hard out.  Basically dont do any runs like this at the mo


          For my long runs


          Long 80% is running at an easy pace as above - full convo possible the whole way

          Long 90% I push is a bit more but don't surge - working a bit harder, broken convo only


          I have been training at around 5:30 pace for most runs this year although i have noticed over the last couple of weeks for the same effort I seem to be running at a better clip which is encoraging.  I have done the odd run at my <> target marathon pace of around 5:00- 5:10 pace.  I have always felt at the end of these runs (even the long ones) that I could have easily gone further keeping that pace which is encouraging.  And I always seem to be able to run 12km on trail the day after my 30-36km runs with no real issues.


          I do intend, and have planned to, drop my training pace back in September with the high milage demands. Today I ran too fast but it was a flat easy course (and part of the marathon course too). I still could have held a full convo most of the way...lets say it was 83% on my scale hehe.  I will however ensure i keep the pace down as it does get tempting to 'try out' the added fitness


          I am comfortable with my training up till now.  I feel stronger, I have no niggles and only occasionally feel fatigued while running - usually on one of my weekday 10kms not a long run.  If I do get fatigued I roll out more slow runs, take a break, run trails. Seems to work.  I have a friend who is a big marathon/ironman fiend and he is always ensuring I am fresh


          If anything I think my programme is a little harsh but I am totally prepared to alter and change as the body asks.  I am thinking perhaps some of the longer runs I could trim 5km off but just putting it out there for opinion as I am not experienced at all but I am dedicated and I do do what is needed

          Personal Race Records:

          M 3:52:48 (Auckland 2011), HM 1:38:16 (Taupo 2010), 10km 45:05 (Sir Barry 2010), 5km 20:21 (How Pak 5km 2010)


          2012 Goals:
          Run the 75km Hillary Trail in a day (done 10/3/2012)