Gait Analysis = Miracle (Read 536 times)


my little devil

    I have been battling PFS in my right knee for about 2 months. I have been going to PT and have not been able to run for the last month. It has been extremely frustrating and upsetting to take this break but today I feel like it all paid off. My PT's and my plan was to strengthen my hips and core and to analyze my gait. When we looked at the video it was very clear why I was having this knee pain. Basically, I had way to much lumbar rotation and dropped both of my hips way below the angles that they should be while running. 


    Since I looked at this video I have been working really hard on strengthening and stabilizing my core and hips which is no fun but I realize this is something crucial for me to add to my running routine. Today when I ran I thought about keeping my arms in a parallel plane and keeping my core steady and I ran 2 miles totally PAIN FREE!!!!! I am thrilled. It will be hard to keep this excitement at bay and not overdo it. 


    If anyone is having knee or any other nagging injuries I highly recommend a gait analysis. I am sure this is old news to most people but I am so happy that I wanted to share. Injuries are agonizing, I feel more mentally than physically, and I bet many of you here feel that way too.  So, hopefully someone else will find this helpful too!

      That's pretty cool, just be careful getting back into it. Congrats on feeling better!