Could entries be listed in chronological order per day on the calendar? (Read 619 times)


    Hi Eric, Here's a suggestion that I made back in the CoolRunning days which they never implemented. When I am looking at the calendar view, it would be nice if I could see the entries per day listed in the order in which they took place, not the order in which I entered them. For example, if I do a 3 mile warmup and then a race but I enter the race entry first in my log, it will appear first on the calendar as well, regardless of the start time. Not huge but it would be nice
    eric :)

      JoeO, This is already implemented. The log does not record the order in which you enter your data. It is sorted by the time of day, which means that you'll need to enter a correct time of day for each entry if you want them to be sorted correctly. eric Smile

        Oh sorry. I was certain I had seen differently. I guess I need to go back to fix a few entries