Precieved Intenisty (Read 858 times)


    Was curious as to if I was the only one or maybe others would like to see a percieved intenisty for our runs that we could graph as well. Heart Rate ( I really dont use..just me) and distance and time are great but most times I like to know how I felt durning my runs like yestday with the 30mph winds that literally PICKED me up off the gound...I felt like I had been doing squats when I got done. Just a thought.
      Hi Bones, No problem, I'll add it when I get a chance. I'll try to put it in in the next two weeks. eric Smile
        BigBones, I just added effort. It is located right above the notes text field. If this is not what you wanted, let me know so I can correct it. eric Smile

          Eric, Looks easy and good enough to me and it flew right into the graph section. Precieved intensity is so much easier and to me better indicator on how my runs are going. Heartrate only tells me so much. My wife bought me a monitor that should be here this week and I am curious as to how the two will relate to each other. Thanks again. John Cool