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    I know this is in my future but I haven't been to a specialist yet. Any one have this done? What was your experience? I have had problems with that area of my feet my whole life. It bothered me a lot when I was a kid wearing not the best shoes. Now I'm 30 and I think I'm falling apart! My feet haven't bothered me until this year and its just my left foot. I guess my best answer for myself will be when I see the Dr. But I was curious what others thought Smile

    Doc, my tooth hurts

      My wife had this done about 5 years ago before we met. She says that she is really glad that she did. She says that she used to have horrible knee pain before the surgery because of how she walked due to the bunions. It cleared up after the surgery was completed and she was healed. She does remember having to be on crutches for awhile since she had both feet done separately. Her grandma, who is about 80, never had the option of having the bunion surgery done and has a VERY hard time walking anywhere due in part to never having it treated.  If you are able to, and the doctor recommends it, I would get it done.


        I had the surgery done nearly 30 years ago on both feet.  Recovery was not easy, but oh so worth it.   Things are done quite differently now so I expect your treatment plan will be much easier.  I was in the hospital for a week, had casts up to my knees and used a walker for 6 weeks.  After that I wore flat soled wooden shoes for 6 weeks.  Then for about 10 months I wore wide sandals until I was able to get back into regular shoes.


        Prior to the surgery my feet ached at night no matter what kind of shoes I wore.  I still have to be mindful of the kinds of shoes I wear but I can run easily.  Several years ago I had PT for another matter and the PT told me told me that his wife was  a runner and she had bunion surgery done. She was back running in a few months.


        Go for it, expect some recovery, but rejoice in the improvement.  Good luck.