Reverse Course (Read 544 times)

    Didn't see this requested anywhere, but I think it'd be nice to have some way to reverse a course that's already made. It's a huge deal as I can easily flip it in my mind, but it's nice to see the elevation graph and mile markers in the correct direction. Thanks for the great site!
      This feature has been requested by other users via email. Without the elevation profile, it's actually quite easy to do. With the elevation, however, it requires more work. I'll try to work on this after my current feature. eric Smile
        Great, thanks! I'm not sure if this makes it easier, but I was actually thinking of it in terms of the copy route button where it makes a new route just reversing the order of the waypoints.
          Escher0, It's the actual reversal of the points that is difficult, because the points and the corresponding elevation data are disjoint. To reverse the route, it's not as simply as just changing the order, because the elevation points need to be reordered. eric Smile