Before and NOW pictures! (Read 22513 times)

    Photo of me after child #1 Photo of me after child #2 This is me 10+ years later and 50 pounds lighter. Hope I post the pics properly. Janice

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      Wow, Janice, you look 10 years YOUNGER in your after photo! Great job!
        WHOA! Shocked Nice job!

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          John and Janice you both look so much younger! You look fantastic! Well done! Big grin


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            Well done, Janice! Such amazing transformations. Congratulations on the results of all your hard work and dedication.

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              Fantastic!!! Big grin

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                Dang Janice! Simply amazing!
                  Wow...this is the best thread. Everyone is so inspiring!
                  This IS the best thread, the Funky Monkey should make it a billboard at the onramp to his Trenternet. It's better than any multi-million dollar program the Feds have come up with.

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                    Janice you look wonderful!


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                      Janice, your legs look so strong and toned. What a transformation! Smile

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                        Holy moly!!! Shocked I'm not sure I can even find the appropriate words to write here... but WOW!! All of you who posted your before/after pics and stories ROCK!!! I don't even know any of you personally, but I feel so dang proud of each and every one of you! Big grin

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                          Wow Janice great job!!
                          Heroes never die. They just reload.

                            What a fantastic post. That's Great.

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                              Great Job!

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                                Janice, your legs look so strong and toned. What a transformation! Smile
                                I was admiring Janice's legs, as well Big grin Great job Janice!

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