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    What a great transformation, Jason!

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      I'm about 12 months into my weight loss journey so I thought I'd post my before and after pics. My highest weight was around 254. I'm currently about 188 but shooting for something in the 170s. I started running in March of this year and have become really addicted thanks to this website.


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        I continue to love this thread more than anything.... Smile

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          Amazing job Ross! I love showing all these to my DH, maybe one of them will make him put his shoes on and go with me
            I continue to love this thread more than anything.... Smile
            Me too. Fantastic, Ross!

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              Nice work, Ross! Smile

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                Wow, you really look like a different person! Congratulations on your hard work. Your post made my day!

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                  Great job, Ross. Keep up the good work!

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                    Great Job, Ross!!! If I ever get over to Fort Wayne for a race maybe I'll see you. Or at least a shadow of the former you.
                      I continue to love this thread more than anything.... Smile
                      Ditto (now we just have to get OP Trishie to make good on her threat to bring sexy back). Well done Ross, wishing you continued success.

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                        WOW, lookin good Ross!!!! Congrats and keep up the great work, you are an inspiration!!!!!
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                          Ross, that is amazing! You have reason to be very proud!

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                            Thanks everyone. I need to print a copy of this picture for my office cubicle to keep me motivated over the winter.


                              Wow. What a great transformation!
                                Great job, Ross! and to everyone else's transformations as well! This is one inspirational thread Smile

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