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L Train

    Back in January I traveled to SC which is 12 hours one way.


    How long does it take a different way?  If it was faster you should have gone that way.  As always, I'm here to help.


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      The other way took the same amount of time Ahole.


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        Sore subject to raise (pun intended) but I could really use some direction here.


        Started having a sore piriformis about 3 months ago training for my first marathon.  I think it first started after my first hill sprints, possibly aggravated by some speedwork the following week.  Anyway, however it happened it remains.


        I trained through the soreness taking some extra rest days and advil, and rolling infrequently on the lacrosse ball.  That seemed to keep it under control but the soreness never went away.  Marathon was 10 days ago and I have run 1 time since.


        The pain is worst when sitting, sort of on the tailbone.  I sit on a pilow at work but in the car it still is uncomfortable.  No problem walking or standing.  Advil seems to make no difference at this point.


        My question is: could this be SI joint issues perhaps?  If it is a piriformis issue, should I stretch in addition to roll?  I figured stretching would aggravate the inflamation so I avoided it.  No speedwork last 2 months, no hills, just easier running.   Will Myrtle exercises be of help, or should I just take more time off to let it heal?  Seems like it won't go away even after 7 days of no exercise.


        Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.

        Glutes were my issue. Started hurting again this week. Back to stretching.

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          I am pretty much sold on the Sacrowedy.  But, my DH thinks it's snake oil, and wants me to wait until after my ortho appointment which is on the 2nd.    I'm not really looking forward to it, but my main fear is osteoarthritis, or some degenerative hip problem. But, I really think I have this piriformis syndrom.   What if I have both?   Sometimes my hip joints hurt, which feels different than the butt pain..  I think I have 2 things going on. 

          - Anya


            I know, right?  I am having what I think is a strained hamstring, combined with some sciatic inflamation.  So much pain in the ass I named it L Train   Big grin


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            L Train

              Finally, I'm appreciated for my many talents.


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                Since December I've had similar issues. A combination of what seemed to be upper hamstring tendinitis and piriformis syndrome. Monday I finally called the Dr to schedule an appointment for next week and then went out that evening for a 5 mile trail run. The next day the sciatic nerve pain was gone. Weird. I'm left with a bit of soreness that I'm guessing is tendinitis. Now I'm debating on whether to keep the appointment.

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