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Go Pre!

    Yup, here I am. I am new to this site. Thanks to 'I can't remember who' recomended it but it was a post at Runners World. Anyway, Good to be here, and great to be back into running again. My first half marathon is 3 weeks away (Toronto Marathon). See y'all around here! Dave

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      Hey, you're just in time to come join us in the Half Marathon Trainers group! Big grin k

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        Welcome Dave! How's your training for the half going? Ken
          Welcome! I'd love to hear about the race - I'm in Ottawa and thinking about running in Toronto next year.
            Make sure you give all the details on the half - here and on the half marathon forum! Enjoy it! lisa
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            Go Pre!

              I will keep you posted on the Toronot half, Anyone looking for a good adventure, come join us!...or maybe next year Wink Re: Ottawa, I was thinking of heading that way next year...of course I have to get through this Half one first! cheers Dave
                welcome dave...looking to do my first 1/2 next spring...keep us posted on your training and welcome to the best running site...nothing but great people with the love of running and sharing Smile