10 minutes at a time (strength training for runners) (Read 200 times)

    At work I get to take 10 minutes, four times a day for "physical fun". It's there way to promote good health and mental well being among employees. I'm looking for some runner specific strength training or stretch routine that could be accomplished with minimal to zero equipment, in street clothes.


    So far I've been doing air squats and single leg knee bends (both recommended by my PT for some knee issues), but those are getting pretty boring. I need some more variety.


    What would you do with 10 minutes to better yourself as a runner or overall?

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      Walk up and down stairs...

      Heel drops on same steps...

      Stand on one foot....

      Hip flexor stuff...

      Read the paper in the lunchroom...

      Wander office looking for good snacks...

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        some days what I really need is a nap.


        but, oftentimes doing a little exercise is just as therapeutic as a nap. things such as:


         burppies (may make you sweat)

         single leg stuff

           - stationary in a runner's pose

           - squats

           - deadlifts

         dynamic hip flexor stretch 

         squat jumps (may make you sweat)

         push ups

         chin ups



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            Meditation and breathing exercises (also could double as the acceptable term for a "nap")

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                Walk along a strip of masking tape.

                  Walk along a strip of masking tape.


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                    Ten minutes of creative visualization can have a very real affect.

                    There have been some studies.

                    My own personal experience has been positive.