Training plan length limit? (Read 44 times)

Don Pendergraft

    My race isn't until mid-October, so I've created a 33 week training plan. However, RA's training plan template starts today, but cuts off on October 8th. The race is October 16th. I've tried everything to add the other week by playing with the dates/weeks and saving, but it always reverts back to ending on October 8th. Is there a way to extend the extra week? Thanks.

    Don Pendergraft

      FYI, I adjusted the dates to cut off this current week and extended the end data a week. It cut off the first week, so I lost that data, but it failed to extend the plan to the race date. Maybe it's limit is how far in the future you can plan? I don't know.


        Just as a pragmatic option you can make 2 plans that run back to back. I personally can't imagine planning 33 weeks as more than a rough outline.

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        an amazing likeness

          I just created a (test) training plan using the dates you're referencing:  start = 3/15/2021, end = 10/16/2021 which gives a duration = 31 weeks.  Then I went back into the plan, and reset the start date to 3/1/2021 to get to your 33 weeks of duration.  All good, no issues.


          Then I extended the plan end to 1/31/2022 to test length and crossing a year-end boundary: no issues. There is no 33 week limit on training plans.


          What may be causing what you're reporting is that when you add length to the plan, you need to have workouts or even just one workout (usually it is the race on the last day) dragged into the plan in that new date range.

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          Don Pendergraft


            Thank you for going above and beyond in your testing! You nailed it. When I merely extended the dates, it never saved. However, as you suggested, I extended the dates and put in my forecast runs on those days and then saved. Worked like a champ. Thank you so much!