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    I'm training for a triathlon in June, and have considered using a soy protein supplement. Any thoughts? Would it actually help me build the muscle I'll need for endurance, or would it just be a waste of money?

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      There are conflicting opinions on whether protein supplementation is all that useful. Most Americans get far more protein than they actually need--including body builders and other athletes. But if you are going to drink protein shakes I would stay far away from soy just for taste, alone. The stuff tastes really foul. Whey protein has a much more neutral flavor. k

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        Would it actually help me build the muscle I'll need for endurance
        You don't need to build muscle for endurance, you just need protein to repair the damage you do during your workouts. Unless you're trying to bulk up it's a waste of money, though I agree you would be better off with whey protein than soy protein.

          thanks for the comments. Is there a risk of steroids being included in whey protein? Or is the Wal-Mart version pretty safe. I am looking to bulk up a little, but obviously not too much to slow me down for the race.
            no there isn't any steroids in any of the protein powder (if buying in USA) since it's illegal Wink And was getting my whey protein from Walmart. Nothing like a protein drink and a banana after running a hard race (about the only thing I can really eat within the first hour after a race)

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              I personally like soy protein, but I have found that it dissolves better and tastes better with soy milk. I LOVE 8th continent vanilla....Just my two cents worth!
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                I also love 8th continent vanilla! Personally, I use Muscle Milk for recovery…