Racing Half marathon in middle of marathon training (Read 115 times)

Brad Clay


    Hi Folks,


    Going to start training for Boston soon, but also considering trying to race a fast half on Mar 2. Looking for advice. Would you do workouts for a half and just add more miles on easy days and a usual long run on weekend?



      Pretty much all of us in New England who are training for Boston will be racing a half marathon on March 16. There's no special planning needed. Marathon training is half marathon training.

      Runners run.


      Pace Prophet

        +1 to Mikey. Do marathon training, plus maybe emphasize the mile repeats and tempos as the half approaches.

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          Just replace your weekend long run with the half marathon race on 3/2.  Otherwise make no alterations to your Boston training plan to accommodate it, i.e., do not taper for the HM.  Done.  Next!

          - Joe

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