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Mother of Cats

    Pesto - I enjoyed the race report.  I'm very sorry about the weather - you are so very close.


    4 miles today, Most easy, but with one at conservative MP (7:05).  Felt harder than I'd like it to, which I'm hoping is because of the warmth, the pollen, and the headwind - two of which will be absent for my race.

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    Jim E

      Dwave - Conservative MP = 7:05. I like it. Good Luck!


      pesto - Great RR. I liked the description of the course. Shame about the sub-3 near-miss. Getting passed by the sub-3 group, while knowing that your watch had paused, must have been crushing.


      FB - 3-digit bibs are cool.

      I've never run at Botulism in the rain, so have always found the tents easy to get into. I'm sure that would not be the case in the wet!


      Waterproof hats? Perhaps they mean hats that don't actually dissolve when wet.


      I got a package in the mail yesterday, and now I have two Napa plaques. One for 3rd, one for 2nd. Maybe I should run there once more.


      I have lots of vacation days, so I'm taking one on Monday. Gonna be watching a certain race. Good luck, and be sure to get those bib numbers up!


      Aspiring Hobby Jogger

        Pesto - Nice RR.


        DWave - I agree with Jim - 7:05 being conservative for MP is a good thing.


        Best of luck to all the racers over the weekend (and early next week)!

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        Pace Prophet

          Pesto - great RR!


          Katia - yay for selling the house!  We'll be doing that ourselves in another 6-8 months, gulp.


          I've never run a marathon in the rain, but I have run one in wet snow.  I spectated the upcoming race in the rain in 2015.


          I took my husband to a fancy resort on the weekend for our anniversary (trip report and photos here) but I still managed my 24 miles last week (plus 4 miles hiking through the snow).  I plan to run 6-8 tomorrow which should get me in the 25 mile range again. Toying with signing up for a half marathon.


          I'll be tracking on Monday as always - I love virtually watching friends run big races!  Wave as you go over the timing mats!

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          Resident Millennial

            ilana- thanks for sharing this recap!! sounds so nice. bf and i are hoping to go to black canyon of the gunnison sometime later this year, so this could be a nice add-on. i love places like this. will start saving up now..!

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              Rain -- as long as it isn't too cold (or windy), rain shouldn't slow you down! I've run four in the rain, with two PRs.


              Max -- is that right?


              Good luck everyone; enjoy the whole experience. I'll be tracking from here!

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                Getting excited about Botswana! Added the city on my weather apps and have been stalking it. If the rain isn’t too hard, it should be alright I guess. Temperatures seem good. Also, looking forward to the RRs as I’m seriously thinking of running it next year.


                Thanks to those who read the RR!


                DkW - No need to be sorry Smile It was still a PR, a very enjoyable race, and I wouldn’t blame the weather entirely for not getting there.


                jim - thanks! Yes, after getting passed it was all about not quitting or walking.


                Fb - thanks as well! I’ll take a look at Valencia! Somebody else recommended it as well. The only obstacle I see is that December is quite busy at work.


                well, good luck to all Buenos Aires Runners! I saw DkWs bib, are the rest available?

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                  I bribed the pilot to arrive earlier in Borington so I went yesterday to the expo.... Now I'm free to do something else.  I'm still wondering if I go to the pasta dinner (I'm staying in NH).


                  I just hope weather improves dramatically.  So far is "pouring rain, strong headwind"


                  pie man

                    Good luck Ballston people!

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                      I just hope weather improves dramatically.  So far is "pouring rain, strong headwind"


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                        Good luck to everyone on Monday!


                        Dad:  No itching yet.

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                          Good luck on Monday to everyone running!  I'm looking forward to watching it -- I'm working from home Monday morning so I can watch while I "work."  Really hoping one of the US women wins -- it should be a great race.  I know Molly Huddle is the fastest, but she just doesn't have the marathon racing experience that some of the others do.  She's still my pick to win though.


                          OMR: Hope PT is helping your recovery - how long until you can run?


                          Pesto: Great race report.  You're so close to sub-3.


                          Ilana: Sign up for a half -- if nothing else it gives you a baseline (and you can only go up from there).


                          It took all week but I'm finally feeling better.  I ran 6.5 this morning and will go longer tomorrow, hopefully will end up with around 24 miles for the week -- blah.  I am telling myself that one down week won't matter, but overall my mileage hasn't been high enough for one down week to NOT matter, so it probably will matter.  Oh well.  Moving forward.


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                              Looking forward to tracking everyone on Monday.


                              Today's RR (A Disaster in 26.2* parts):


                              I entered the NJ Ultra Festival marathon as a training run for R2R2R, with the primary goals of getting in some quality trail time and dialing in my nutrition. I did neither.


                              The day started with me leaving the house and then returning on two separate occasions because I forgot my shoes and my Garmin. I arrived at the designated meeting area around 8:15, only to learn that the designated meeting area had moved (the only indication of this was a FB post, in an area with spotty cell reception).


                              After checking in, it was time to gear up. I forgot my insoles. I truly am an idiot. I also broke one of my gaiters, also becase I am an idiot.


                              It already was approaching 80 degrees by the 10 a.m. race start. The "marathon" was set for 27.6 miles, consisting of five sets of two semi-overlapping loops, plus one bonus loop. The course probably was a little more than half runnable, with some steep climbs, rocky areas, deep mud and stream crossings.


                              I felt like garbage from the beginning.  And without my insoles, my shoes were just a touch too loose. I started developing blisters by mile 4. I also tripped several times, resulting in two falls. Slow became slower, and slower...  Called it quits after 12.5 miles and nearly three hours, and made it home in time for my son's first-ever baseball game.


                              On the nutrition front, I filled my handheld twice with tailwind and took some water on top of that. My plan was to move on to solids at the halfway point. I also felt like trash after the race, but perked up a bit after hitting the drive through on the way home and eating all of the ice in my soda. Notably, I didn't use the bathroom until about 4:30 p.m.


                              The takeaway: I am very, very bad at this.


                                OMR: Hope PT is helping your recovery - how long until you can run?

                                PT doesn't actually start until Monday, but recovery is going well.  Still a little fluid, but no pain, and I'm walking normally now.  I'll have to see what the PT says on Monday, but I think I might be ready to start running (meaning run for a minute, walk for a minute, rinse and repeat) in about a week.  Today was my first day on an elliptical.  Just 10 minutes at a very leisurely pace, but it's a start, and I'm a lot further along than I expected.


                                McBen:  Good for you for making it to your son's first-ever baseball game, and giving up on the other part.  I've forgotten my insoles before, but not my shoes...

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