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    Not sure anyone will see this in time, but...


    I'm thinking of adding some MP work to my long run tomorrow. How much and what type should I do?


    As of right now, I'm considering doing 11 miles "easy," which should be 8:00-8:30, and then 5 miles at 7:15.


    Does that seem reasonable? Any better suggestions? My marathon is about 7.5 weeks away, FWIW.

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      McB - that sounds awful. I’m happy I don’t do trail races (for now). Also, good call on quitting and going to the baseball game.


      SC - I'd do a bit more of MP. Maybe I’d aim at 7-8 miles at MP, it should be doable at this stage, with 8 weeks left. This is based on the plan I used for this cycle (Pfitz), where the first MP run is 13 with 8.


      OMR - Hope everything is going well with the recovery and good luck for Monday (PT).

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      Strict WTF adherent



          OMR -- great to hear that you are moving ahead. Hope it keeps going smoothly.


          McB -- glad the BB game was good.


          Bangalore team -- !?!Spurious advice warning!?! Looking at my logs, I raced at 4 strides per minute slower than I do in training (178 vs 182). Maybe I was over-striding in a subconscious attempt to reserve energy. Or nerves. Or maybe my watch sucks.


          Hoping for good weather.


          Pesto -- if you want to do a fun-run in the fall, check out Medoc, Sept 8. They serve wine at the aid stations and oysters at the finish line; the video is pretty funny. Where are you based?



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            Well this is shaping up to be quite the sh*tshow! So far I’ve bought 2 more pairs of gloves hoping to somehow keep my hands warm. I’ve come up with a new concern..last time I did a marathon in this kind of weather, the hypothermia made my hands really swollen in addition to being unusable and otherwise freezing and cold. I’m one of those ppl that never takes my wedding rings off but if they get swollen like that it would be more than painful 😣. But idk wtf to to with them!


            Otherwise, I think I’m just gonna be wearing half the stuff I brought with me. Lighter suitcase. I’m really nervous about hypothermia.. I’ve been there twice and it sucks, but I do seem prone to it.

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              kk- rings in hotel room safe?! yikes :/

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                I'm really struggling about how to dress to the start line and then what to carry during the race.


                I usually run very very fresh, my friends north from the border are always commenting how I run in cold conditions, and the temps are rather warm for my standards.  However is the rain and the wind that make me hesitate.


                1. So I plan to run in Tshirt and shorts (plus hat and gloves).  The throwaways are a sweater and a poncho.

                2. However I might change my mind and keep a windbreaker with me, with the draw back of the bib (that is supposed to be on the outer layer)


                3. In my feet I might show up with throwaway crocs (and plastic bags for my feet), the swap for dry running shoes.


                Since I haven't run a long race under the cold rain, I'd love your sincere input on these options.

                And where I should pin the bib if I'm carrying a throwaway sweater? Can I pin it in my shorts?


                  jamiegu:  Maybe twist up a long-sleeve tech shirt and tie it around your waist, so it's there if you need it?  And yeah, I would put the bib on the shorts.  I might also suggest trying a long sleeve lightweight wool shirt if you have one available (I have a Rab that is really comfortable), but you may not have one there.  For me, I don't do too well in cold wet weather, so personally I would carry an extra layer of some kind.


                  Good luck (to you and everyone)!  I won't be able to track as I'm teaching all day tomorrow, but am looking forward to the RRs!

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                    Jamie ~ As long as you can show your bib, you should be OK; you won't be the only one w/ many layers.


                    Katia ~ +1 to rlk's suggestion; I do think hypothermia is an extremely valid concern.


                    McBen ~ I thought I had a tough day yesterday. Ouch! Hope baseball was good!


                    Oregon ~ My quads actually felt fine next day. I've been doing Jay Johnson's lunge matrix before about 80% of my runs, so my quads are pretty strong.


                    Pesto ~ Excellent RR for a great race. You're definitively ready for a sub 3!


                    OMR ~ Good progress.


                    Really need one of those dancing banana emojis from RWOL for Ilana's anniversary trip report!


                    Watching the replays of past years Beantown races (2014 to 2017). Got a glimpse of former 3:20 poster -- now sub-elite -- Rachel in two different years.


                    Best of luck to all you Patriots' Day runners. It'll probably get a bit tough, but you have a lot of folks virtually cheering you on. Enjoy!


                    My week:

                    M) 4.5

                    Tu) 4.5 w/ hill sprints

                    W) 9.5 w/ mile @ 5:23 and post race strides

                    Th) 9.25

                    F) 7.5 w/ hill sprints + ElliptiGo 45'

                    Sa) 8.25 w/ aborted w/o ... 4x1' @ 3K w/ 1' rec and 2x1K @ tempo + ElliptiGo 45'

                    Su) 5x3 miles In Memoriam

                    Total: 58.5 + "10" Go 'miles'


                      So I did 10 x 1min slow jog, 1min walking this afternoon.  Knee felt fine, but my hips are a total mess.  Guess I'm back on the horse?

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                        McB - oooof.  That sounds like a recurring bad dream I used to have...


                        Beantown runners - Good luck in the squall!  I'll be rootin'


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                          KK - I'm with RLK - rings in hotel safe.  Or alternately, if you really want them on you, loop them through a necklace?


                          Jaime - I'm going with singlet, arm-warmers, shorts.  And a tech longsleeve plus poncho for the first few miles - the poncho is clear and the tech longsleeve will be knotted up to expose my bib.  Pinning your bib on your shorts wouldn't be a bad idea.


                          For the record, as I stare this forecast head on, I will aver that it is still much preferable to my last marathon (low 60s and very very humid).


                          Last week (for posterity).  19 miles running+12 "miles" pool-running.

                          M: DIY yoga and 6 "miles" pool-running.
                          T: 7 miles, including 4x800 in 3:00, 3:01, 2:57, 2:54.  Also recovery swimming.
                          W: 7 miles very easy (8:58) plus drills, strides, DIY yoga, light injury prevention work.
                          Th: Light upper body and core work; 6 "miles" pool-running.
                          F: 4 miles, including 1 at "conservative marathon pace" (7:05)

                          Sa: just DIY yoga

                          Su: 1 mile shakeout (9:14) and DIY yoga.

                          Everyone's gotta running blog; I'm the only one with a POOL-RUNNING blog.


                          And...if you want a running Instagram where all the pictures are of cats, I've got you covered.


                            SC - This is probably too late but I see in Jack Daniels' 2Q program he has 14 at m-pace in 17 miles 6 weeks before the race and 8 at m-pace in 17 miles (start with 8 easy) 8 weeks before. This is for programs 40-55 miles per week. Kind of a big span I know...


                            Pesto - Loved the race report from Paris. The course is slightly different this year than 2 years ago but most of it is the same so I recognize most of your descriptions. I somehow thought I ran in only one tunnel but maybe it was more, can't remember now. But unlike your description I found the water stops right where I expected them so I don't know what they changed this time around. Your race development sounds a lot like what I had too, I just ran it a lot slower than you. And I am doing Amsterdam in October so I'm hoping


                            Katia - Congrats on the house sale!


                            OMR - Good to hear you can run again!


                            Dad - Nice mileage and nice mile! 5:23 is a very strong time.


                            McBen - That sounds like a nightmare of a race but the baseball game must have been a nice consolation.


                            Good luck to everybody racing. I've run in cold weather and I've run in rain, but not really both at the same time so I don't have much good advice to give. But I would second the advice of staying dry as long as you can before the race and getting into dry clothes and warmed up as soon as possible after. Is there a summary of bib numbers for people here?


                            I hit my goal for the week, 40 miles of easy pace and hills, a few sets of strides one day. I'm slightly worried that my ankles still are sore a lot, but at least that's all so far, just soreness and no real pain, and once I get going it's all good. I also feel really slow and out of shape now but I figure that will get better soon. I'm not sure if I should take another week at 40 miles next week or if I should add 5 more. Maybe just stay at 40 and see how the ankles feel...


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                            Wed 6.5 8:56 0:58 Morning Run 139 (72%) 358 strava
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                            Fri 9.6 8:56 1:25 Afternoon Run 139 (72%) 775 strava
                            Sat 13.6 8:45 1:59 Afternoon Run 140 (73%) 571 strava
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                            Swimming instead of running

                            Speed Surplus

                              Thanks for the tips, guys.


                              I was doing this on a track to be as close as possible to the downhill conditions I'll have at the race - no hills whatsoever.


                              I decided to go 9 miles easy and try to do another 7 at MP. I did the first MP mile on target, but then I realized that I wouldn't be able to hold it, so I settled for ~7:30 pace the rest of the way. Closed the last lap in a 95. It was a good workout! I would be disappointed, but this is also the highest mileage I've hit in 2 years, so I think it's understandable that I didn't have 7 miles of MP in me at the end of my long run.


                              Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow! Hope the weather is tolerable. I'll be watching and tracking!

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                                Jim Trail half marathon. 3,000 feet of climbing and most of it seems to be around miles 8-13.



                                kk I run with my ring (tungsten) but I also play with it when I run. It's kind of a security blanket and if I run without it I feel weird, yet also confident, but usually my problems are cold hands. I hope you get warm dry hands for Monday.


                                SC I was going to say 5 miles MP because the first time you start doing them they hurt. If you try them again I'd do a 3 mile warm up, 5-8 miles at MP then a cool down. You can't just jump into race mode, you have to ease in to it and tell yourself trying to run race pace right now is going to hurt more than it should. I think it would be different if you were doing 50-60 mpw.


                                kev again, LOVE the miny soda accent. I look forward to the day we meet and hope it's a huge family thing. You can laugh at me stressing over "first child" things and remind me how 5am is when I need to get up. My Sunday run would have been possible if I'd woken up at 5 am.

                                omr/ace how is recovery going?


                                I missed the goal this week because I didn't look at the forecast. Apparently it was 30 mph winds fora few days. I'd have run on the treadmill if I didn't want to have a clean house. This whole "running while trying to be a parent with a clean house" thing is getting nuts. I need to sleep less so I can fit more into each day.

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