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    This weekend, I had to face one of the toughest emotional challenged in my life.  It involved the future of my business (Lydiard Foundation), my long-time friend and partner...  It was ugly and tough.  Eric was there, all the way, until 4AM (my time, not his), on the phone, talking to me.  I honestly don't know if I could have gone through the weekend without him being there for me.  As I'm typing this, I'm getting teary eyes and choking up.  What a great guy!!  


    This has nothing to do with running, nothing like those long lecture-type message I post on minute detail about running form, shoes, etc.  But I just wanted to publicly thank him and let the world know what a great guy he is.  Thanks, Eric!!


      +1 on Eric.

      And best of luck in this trying time, Nobby. You're a pretty good guy yourself.

        I can only imagine what you're struggling with, but good wishes are coming your way that it works out for you! 

          Eric this website has been a huge help in getting me back into shape and on course for some of the best running of my life.


          Nobby, I hope that you are able to make it through these trying times.  Hard as these choices may be, remember that tomorrow is another day and new chances and opportunities will arise. 

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            +1   This website has been a key component of my my training program and Eric has always done a fantastic job with supporting the site and developing robust new features.


            Nobby - You are one of the many people that make the community here special. I hope that everything gets sorted out for the best. 

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              Yes, eric is great!


              But Nobby you are also!  You are very giving of your knowledge both through this 

              web site your and email!


              Thank you and I hope that you get every thing worked out to your benefit.



              Just run.

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                Yes, eric is great!


                But Nobby you are also!  You are very giving of your knowledge both through this 

                web site your and email!


                Thank you and I hope that you get every thing worked out to your benefit.


                x2. Eric and Nobby are definitely both top notch! Smile

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                  Our thoughts are with you as you tackle those most difficult issues, Nobby. It is invaluable to have such a good friend at a time like this. I'm glad Eric is that for you. I admire you both and thank you for the ways you enrich our running lives.

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                    You two are both such wonderful, caring people, and you both give so much to this running community.  I was so lucky to get to meet you both in Boulder in September.  If there's anything any of us can do to help you out, let us know!



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                      Nobby, wishing you the best in your trying times. It's good to have support when you need it -- so thanks to both Eric and Nobby for supporting all us runners in our endeavours.

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                        Nobby-I've appreciate your help here on RA and with me personally.  You are a great benefit to everyone here. I hope all the current issues work our well for everyone involved. 


                         Eric has done so much for everyone here too.  It's wonderful to have such a resource available for help and inspiration. 


                        Thanks Eric!!


                        Good Luck Nobby!


                        MA  (Hey Nobby---I don't run in brooks Beasts anymore)


                          You are a genius and very well respected.  There aren't many people that I read from on this forum that write as if they are your coach.  I admire that and appreciate your words and your messages.

                          I don't know your challenge, but I hope that all is well for you.


                          I don't know Eric too well, but it seems like he's a great guy.  Great website and a great community.



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                            My thoughts are with you, Nobby; best of luck dealing with your challenges.


                            You and Eric are both class acts, I hope I get the opportunity to meet you both.

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                              Hope things work out well for you Nobby.  Thanks for all that you give the running community.


                              And also, thank you Eric for a great tool... I appreciate it.



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                                I hope everything works out for you, Nobby.  It sounds awful.


                                You and Eric are a BIG reason, if not THE reason why I've been consistently running for several years now, truly you have changed my life and the life of many others.

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