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    just wondering for anyone who cares to answer, whats the most miles you have run in a week or month?
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      Most I've run in a week is 30.5...I think that was the same month I ran 111...or that might have been the month prior (actually, I think it was the month prior, since I had a taper for my HM the month I did 30.5). Now I'm struggling just to get 20 in in a week... Tongue k

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        mine was 33 miles, which was last week!
          Most in a week: 81 miles. Most in a month: about 330 miles. Both were in March of 2004. I haven't been in that range since then.

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            Most in a week, 27.5. Most in a month, 89. This month should be more than that though. Teresa
              45 last spring, 37.9 a couple of weeks ago, I think. Ewa
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                53.7 which was this week Big grin 162.5 is the most in a month, I should beat that this month though.
                  November: 108 miles Week: 29.9 miles, also in November. Somehow I thought it was more... I think it depends on which way you slice your week...

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                    Mine was a year ago last October. I was training for my first marathon and ran 41.3 the last week before tapering. My total milage for that month was 128.3

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                      Week: 52, Month: 142 - both in March 2003. I haven't been close to that since then.
                        In a week: 54.9 In a month: 178ish.
                        2009: BQ?
                          I'm new, still building a base. So far my high is 28 mles. Trying to increase at about 10% a week.
                            Most miles in one week was 40 in the midst of marathon training. The most in one month was probably close to 150 or so.
                              75 km or ~ 47 miles in a week, 225 km or ~ 140 miles in one month (this year)

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                                Week, 82, during Sept 2006 Month, 182, July 2006