How in Hades does one set intervals on a Timex Ironman watch? (Read 1133 times)

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      In zoom-zoom's case, I don't even think she had a lap button to push on her old watch.
      Right--it has a lap button, but it does not appear to actually do anything and others with similar model watches agree that it seems to be merely cosmetic. This one will allow me to see just how fast (er, less slow) I do each mile in a race and hopefully I will figure out how to set up an interval workout so that the watch beeps to alert me when to enter each new segment of the run (instead of having to do math in my head while running...I can barely do math while sitting still with a calculator in my hand--ask did). I *think* my watch is like yours, but I'm going to have to play with it. Your instructions are MUCH clearer and more detailed than anything Timex offers, so thank you VERY much for taking the time to do that. Smile k

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