Advice on race pacing after accident (Read 238 times)

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    I was on track for a big marathon PR at Boston using the Running Wizard program. I was hitting more mileage than ever, PLUS doing the harder workouts without any problem, PLUS feeling great rather than achy and overtrained as I was when going for my BQ (I pulled it off, but felt really crummy right from the start line). My optimism was high!


    On March 4 I had a motorcycle accident, the bike landed on and badly bruised my calf. If you peek at my log, you can see my mileage has taken a big hit. I run one day, the following day I'm limping - repeat. I have been able to do some of the quality workouts, the faster paces so far still feel fine. Obviously putting together a race I can be proud of will have to wait for another day, that's ok. 


    However, can I start thinking more concretely about my race pace? My PR was 9:09 pace, the training plan had me shooting for 8:22! Assuming that I continue to have an abbreviated running schedule and the calf feels fine on race day, is it realistic to shoot for something less than 9:09 on race day, and if so, what might be a realistic target pace? 

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      I am sorry to hear about the accident.  


      To my mind, the best thing is to proceed cautiously as you discover where the post-accident "creaks" are.   Targeting a pace might get in the way.  

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        You had a solid 4 month training block. Of the last 6 weeks or so left since your accident,  2-3 weeks would have been some sort of taper, I don't think you'd have lost much conditioning from being forced to take an additional 2-3 weeks easy.  


        Sometimes when rested our workouts can get away from us and end up overdoing it a bit, I'd just watch out for that, especially if that calf bruise is more than what you think it is.