I'm Finally Officially Slow!!! (Read 795 times)

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    When I started running this April, I was running 16 minute miles. This was a discouraging place to start, as every time I went to calculate, for example, calories burned, there would be no input for my time range. The ranges always started at 12 mile pace and got faster! I wasn't even fast enough to be slow! Sad Then I had a pretty good run for my first 5K July 4th -- I ran my fastest mile at 13:30. Until tonight. I got home from a loooong, packed train commute and it was almost dark. ''We're running!'' I said to my husband. ''Whether it's only ten minutes, I don't care, we're running or I am going to have a nervous breakdown!'' So, I just got out there and ran. I ran off the day's stress. Wasn't really tracking pace, though I knew I was flying and I felt amazing. One mile. 11:51 pace!!!! I am officially fast enough to be slow! (And I wasn't even that tired when I was done.) I am SO PROUD of me!
    Fall seven times, stand up eight.
    *Complete a 5K (no walking)
    Tortoise and Hare 5K, 42:05, 13:35 pace PR
    *Weigh 160 lbs 5 to go!!!
    *15 mpw base
      slow is the new fast.... Nice work! Be proud.


        Ha, at your rate you'll be faster than me in no time! I haven't really sped up in a year! Tongue Nice work, Christy! Smile

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            yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big grin Big grin Big grin Big grin Big grin Big grin Big grin Big grin
              Very nice! congrats! I too am slow (but in km so I have to do some calculating now...)

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                Yay, you!! You go! Believe me, a lot of us know what it's like. I, too, remember 13:30, and that was probably too fast at the time. Gawd, I can remember struggling to catch up with a walker! Slow is good. Slow is off the couch. And that's why we're all here. Arla

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                  This is a quote from JEFF GALLOWAY “There are no health benefits for running faster. It’s only for the ego.” SO - remember that no matter how fast or slow you run, you are getting the same benefit......according to the expert..... We all want to run faster, but remember the real succes is from getting out there and running...... Wink I think you are doing GREAT.....keep it up.........and congrats on getting a faster one mile time.... Big grin I love your reports and comments....you so enthusiastic.... Clowning around Wink Big grin

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