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IMKY13 finish!!

    I use the Timex Speed & Distance GPS system. I saw the “Timex Data Recorder 2” which says you can download information from it to your PC (currently the Speed & Distance monitor doesn’t do that). I was wondering if the Data Recorder is something else I’d have to wear (along with the GPS monitor), or does this product “replace” the GPS monitor. Thanks!

    Fitness/weight goals for 2014



    2) Get to 189 lbs by the end of July 2014...and stay there (as of 4-25-14 was at 203 lbs)

    3) Complete Ironman Chattanooga in under 14 hours

    4) Break 4 hours in a stand alone marathon (Goal race=Rocket City 12/13/14)

    5) 4,500 total overall miles for the year:

             Swim: 100 miles

             Bike: 3,000 miles

             Run: 1,400 miles

      Yes, it is something else you have to wear. It's a small triangle shaped thing that clips onto your shorts. It records from whatever other devices you have attached: gps, hrm, etc. It does this independently of the watch, so you have to remember to turn it on before you start moving or it won't be recording. Once downloaded the data can be viewed in the timex trainer software, which basically sucks, and there doesn't seem much hope that anyone plans to improve it. The only advantage of this system is that it keeps the watch nice and light but still lets you record and download data and view it to some extent. -Peter