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    anyone ever had these, ideas on why it happens ? i've never had my toes cramped up and curled up before but it happened during my marathon on my left foot..almost made me fell when it happened.

      I've never experienced that... can you describe it better? Did the cramping make your toes curl or were you curling you toes up while running and the cramping occured? Confused I bet someone around here can help you with this... Big grin

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        I've gotten toe cramps before, but never during a run (thankfully). Could it be a lack of potassium in your diet? k

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          Could it be a lack of potassium in your diet?
          Always a good consideration, and, frankly, during a marathon I think it's pretty common to have a little random cramping here and there as you deplete electrolytes and push your muscles to new limits. But since it's in your toes, I'm inclined to suspect that it has something to do with your shoes... bad fit? Of course, if it doesn't happen again, then forget about it. "If it's not broke.... " Big grin


            the cramp curled my toes downward like you're gripping something with your toes. It just happened so suddenly and i had the hardest time uncurling my toes to stretch it out. I've never had it happened before and this happened around Mile 16 (i've ran 16, 18 and 20 in training). Tightness usually happens with my calves and quads which may lead to cramps but never the toes. It happened on my left foot which i sprained badly a few weeks back which maybe the cause ? Maybe because i have monkey toes (extremely strong grip), maybe i was pointing my toes up for some reason while i was running. I just have to be prepared when I running and figure out a way to deal with it.
              I get these all the time, though only occasionally while I'm running. Honestly, I wish I knew a solution. They totally suck. Sometimes my toes curl under, sometimes they spread wide apart. It's terribly painful, and almost impossible to stop (for me anyway). I've tried different shoes but found no difference. I will say that before I started running, I never had them. It's a recent development in the past year, and I wish it'd go away. It wakes me up in the middle of the night, interrupts my work day, I get them during pilates, cross training, watching tv, shopping, just about anytime. If anyone knows a cure for them, I'd love to hear it. I get these toe cramps around 4-5 times a week.