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    Resting heart rate down to 51bmp. 6 weeks ago  it was 60 bmp.

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      Great!   Good for you.   When do you take it?   I am about the same, and take it first thing in the AM - before I get out of bed.  Woods Lady

        We are starting some training using a HR monitor.  I was told to take resting HR before I got out of bed for 5 straight days.  The funny thing is on a few of those days I woke up to the alarm with that frenzied reaction.  I think my heart rate shot up from the damn alarm. 


        I had these numbers.  55-46-48-56-50.  I entered 49 on the form. 

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          You may also want to measure your recovery heart rate, basically a measure of how quickly your HR drops after exercise. 




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            Resting heart rate down to 51bmp. 6 weeks ago  it was 60 bmp.



            Not suprising - looks like you had a significant mileage increase since the first of the year.  Good job!!

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              I take my resting heart rate every morning before I get out of bed; when it is elevated I use it as a cue to take a rest day (I get a lot of exercise besides running).  Hangovers another cue. 

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                Mine is usually in the 40s when I wake up, and 55-60 while at the computer ... oddly though, today and yesterday I woke up with my resting hr at ~100.
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