House Hunting sucks. (Read 638 times)


Space Cadet

    The housing market is at a standstill here. That is the only offer in almost 6 months. Most of the homes around us have been on the market longer than that.


      Neverrow, weren't you thinking of moving to R. O. ? (trying to protect your privacy by using initials) Have you made it up here? Is that the town you decided on? (if I've confused you with someone else, forgive me)


      Update, I'm moving into one of the towns next to RO that I was looking at.  I should not have the flea issues as I have the privldge of living in a hotel for 2 or so weeks waiting for my house to be finished (new build).  Now that the contract is signed it is much more fun; my builder today wanted to know if I wanted my fireplace mantle to be stained or painted.  (Stained)


      I also ran into the whole low inventory issue or at least low inventory in where I wanted to be and what I wanted in a house. 

       Never run, if you want to never run, don't start because you'll never stop.


        ...and the week before closing the appraisal comes back low. It turns out that when the house was built in the 70's the tax office recorded the wrong sq. footage by over 50 feet. It has been sold 3 times.


        34 years later, we have to drop the price $7500 or they walk.


        Closing is still next week. As of today.


         Never run, if you want to never run, don't start because you'll never stop.

          But house hunting... there are special kinds of suck there. One kind we just went through is hunting in a market with very low inventory. Inventory in the Bay Area is about a third of normal now. So you have a lot less to choose from, and a lot more competition. Then, when you find something you are actually willing to offer on, for me at least, this requires a big emotional commitment. I have to see, feel myself living there, perceive it as my actual future, before moving forward to offer. Then... in this market... the rug gets pulled out from under you when you are not the highest bidder. Sorry, the life you just committed to is gone, better luck next time. It took us six(!) tries this time. That's a lot of world-shattering. And for most people hunting in the Bay Area it is much worse; we had the good fortune (or so we thought) to be looking at the higher end of the market.


           The first house we looked at back in April was my absolute dream home. Everything about it was perfect and beautiful, including the yard and it was zoned for the best schools in the area. We went to put in our offer and found out an offer was accepted a few hours before we looked at it. It closed back in July and the damn thing is still vacant. We can't let go of hope it will go back on the market. It is the benchmark that we compare everything else to. We even thumb our noses at nicer houses (oh, that's TOO much house, that's TOO big)


          We're house hunting still. We've had pretty much no luck. We're starting to give up on finding something in the school system we want. Alex, We'll take dumb kids a cool house for $200...


          And y'all are scaring me to death about selling.

          I don't half-ass anything


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