REALLY painful blister (Read 346 times)


    I just want to know if anyone has ever experience a REALLY painful blister that caused a dull ache that felt like it was deep under the skin, like a bruised bone, and not like a little blister skin pain.


    Long long story short, I have such a blister.  I went to my podiatrist last night, who ran x-rays and various tests and determined my dull ache and pain that has actually kept me up 2 nights now, is just the blister.  Nothing more.  She cauterized it with silver nitrate and said to keep it clean and call her if the pain persists beyond a few more days.  


    I feel like a huge baby because it's actually making me limp.  It throbs. It's weird.  It seems so small compared to the absolute ruin I've had of my feet from other blisters in the past, that I was able to ignore and run on.  This sucker makes me limp when I walk!  WTF!

    HTFU?  Why not!

    USATF Coach