It would be funny if it didn't f#(*ing suck so much... (Read 468 times)

Mostly harmless

    If I were your hubby, I'd sending those cards back unopened.


    Yep. They act that way because hubby allows it. I'm sure he doesn't encourage it, but he allows it to continue. After this long it's probably too late to get any meaningful change in their behavior.  I have no room in my life for ANYONE that disrespects my wife.

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      I think the issue that hurts you is not that they do it, but thay your husband tolerates it. Get his dumb ass in couples counselling so a professional can spell out to him that he owns making known their actions are not ok and wont be tolerated.  Who gives a flying crap if they dont like you, they can damn well respect you.

        Does your husband get another BD card on his birthday, or have they just completely forgotten when his birthday is?

          Thank-you all...


          It's funny, but the kids see it too.  I saw it with my grandma as well.  My grandma favored all the kids who were her daughters' kids.  It was kind of sad, but I have no fond memories of my grandmother (dad's mom), I didn't even shed a tear when I heard she had died.  I loved my other grandmother.  But she did things with us, she never forgot a birthday.  She was fun to be around.  My daughter doesn't even know that she has another grandpa (other than my dad).


          And FTR, I am laughing about it now.  I know that him doing this is a personal slam on me, and I think to myself, that's the best you can do a-hole.  FWIW, I had a fun birthday.  We went to Atlanta, I got a PR on a marathon on a really tough course, and now I'm drinking Shiraz, having steak, eating cake, and my husband is cleaning out the car from the road trip Smile.  Can't beat that.




          a little late but you rock. Happy Birthday!

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            My in-laws hired a private detective to check me out when I was in college. One weekend when he went home they confronted him about my "background" meaning that I don't come from money and was working my way through school - I know right the horror.


            They eventually came around, he didn't give them a choice. We never talked about it and just pretend that they didn't specifically tell him not to invite me over for holidays and the like.

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               I on the other hand only receive birthday and Xmas and occasionally anniversary wishes from my in laws and not my family.  We just arent the card sending remembering kind of family.  NOT receiving doesnt mean much.  Receiving passive aggressive is a whole different kettle.

              My wife is from a very close family and I think her parents like me more than they like her.  The same story on my side.  But we dropped cards or gifts, birthday, Christmas, or whatever, either direction, years ago.  Those things are for kids.