running hat suggestion sought (Read 75 times)

    Anyone have a hat they like that protects ears and neck while running? (from sun mainly, but I might get some use on trails against horsefly I suppose)


    Ideally it would be something that can fold so I can remove it through a shady area or when clouds come by and stick into a fanny pack or just hold in one hand while running.


    Obviously it has to be wicking and something that can be washed.


    I've seen some like this one:

    Amazon.com: Headsweats Protech Hat, White/Grey: Clothing


    I'm just not sure how well they work so looking for suggestions. I have read reviews but I'm looking for suggestions from runners.






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      Have you tried using a buff? They can be folded various ways.

      Or is the hat brim essential?

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        I guess I didn't know what a buff was. I can see that as useful, but more for winter. A brim is nice because it shades your face. I'm also folicly  challenged, so some of the buff options don't work well for me.






          I have an Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap that I like. You can remove the sun cape and put in a pocket or a pack when it's not needed.