Workouts not uploading from Garmin (Read 341 times)


    Hey there,


    I tried to link my Garmin Connect app, by clicking the button in my 'upload workouts' tab. This took me to GC, where I accepted the linkup.


    Have ran twice since then on 14/7 and 15/7 but my workout log hasn't updated to show these. (I manually imported everything previous to that date by CSV file).


    Am I missing something that's preventing automatic updates?




      Anyone else not able to get their workouts uploaded into Runninghead? This happens more often nowadays. My run didn't upload and I can't seem to get the file manually uploaded either.


      My garmin uploads to both Training Peaks (for my tri coach) and Runninghead. But this morning it only made it into TP.


      Who else?


        Yes, same thing here. Manual upload did not work either.

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          Same here.


            Same here, but I didn't try the manual upload. Maybe it will upload in a few days.

              Same here

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                I got a walk at around 2:30 central time to upload. My run at around 4:30 has not uploaded yet.

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                  My workouts are uploading again. Thank you!


                    not uploading for me today

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                      not uploading for me today


                      Same, just now. Tried manually ordering the .fit file and that failed, too.

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                        Automatic upload of this mornings workouts did not happen but manual upload of same workouts did. 


                          My workout this morning came through, but last night never populated so I manually added it.  I'm also randomly getting logged out whenever I navigate to a different section of the site on Safari.

                          Angus AT

                            Two of my three workouts automatically uploaded.  I exported and uploaded manually, but it did not appear in my workouts.


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                              My run did not upload this morning ☹️.

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                              Francois Nel

                                Also having the same problem of missing uploads from Garmin the last few days. Some workouts do come through, but others not.