Workouts not uploading from Garmin (Read 341 times)


    Same here


      One from last night not showing yet, one from this morning made it, two haven't.


        northing here either. from yesterday and today.


          same here... mine hit Strava and MapMyRun

            Perhaps something is wrong at Garmin Connect since my latest workouts did not upload to Strava either!

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              Batting .500 for my upload to RA today. One made it early today, the lunchtime one did not. Both made it to Strava.

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                one made it to strava and one did not. hmmm. Garmin has them both.


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                  I am still waiting for my afternoon run to show up on my RA training log.

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                    1 out 3 workouts loaded from last night. Strava received all 3. hmmm

                      The two workouts uploaded to Garmin Connect in the morning had by late evening uploaded to Strava! More of a delay than usual, typically the process takes only a few minutes. However, they are not appearing on my RA log. I may need to do a manual upload.

                      Long distance runner, what you standin' there for?
                      Get up, get out, get out of the door!


                        Interesting, manually uploaded the two files that had not uploaded (Monday night & Tuesday morning) yesterday afternoon and they also have not shown up yet.  Guess it is time to backup info just in case.  Lost all my data years ago when another location crashed and was unable to restore their data and I don't want that to happen again.


                          Uploads were 1 for 2 yesterday and 0 for 1 today.


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                            Mine made it fine both yesterday and today, and if anyone is having an issue, I usually am, too.  Not sure what is going on!

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                              Manual uploads aren't working for me, either...

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                                3 made it, 1 did not....