Would you switch seats? (Read 354 times)

running metalhead

    No way Jose!

    I paid for my seat. And the couple is not only asking for my seat but also coming late and thus causing inconvenience to the rest of the passengers.

    If they want to sit together they can share the toilet XD

    When I run I feel like a swallow

    Because you are free like a bird?

    Nope, because of all the flies I eat.


      One of my worst flights ever was a situation like that.  Similar, but different.

      It was a Southwest flight.

      The thing I like best about Southwest is also the thing I hate the most about Southwest.

      For business travel within Texas, it's great.  I had a business trip in Houston, and I booked a "6:00pm" return flight, not knowing whether I'd be to the airport at 3pm or 5:45pm.

      Between Houston and Dallas, a flight leaves every 30 minutes.  It turns out that I got to the airport early, and was able to take an earlier flight.  Since I was leaving earlier than my scheduled time, I was the last person to board the plane.  The plane was full.  I got the last seat available, and it was near the back of the plane in the middle seat between an extremely heavy man and a Harley Davidson biker girl in her early 50s.

      As I sat in the middle seat (on the right side of the plane), the heavy guy to my left had keys in his pocket, and was bouncing his leg up and down (like a nervous twitch) the entire flight.  I was in so much pain from those keys chafing my left leg that I got bruises and scratches through my slacks.  Both of my arms were forced to the right side of my right leg in order to accomodate this large man.  The biker lady was very understanding of how uncomfortable I was, and allowed me to cozy over as far to the right as I could.  She was fairly nice, and we chatted the entire way.
      Fortunately, the flight was only 40 minutes, but was one of the most memorable and painful I've been on.


      Spaniel mentioned the comment about Southwest (and other airlines) treating people as cattle.  In many ways, I like that.  For most people, air travel isn't like a cruise ship and isn't like a vacation.  It's a commute from location A to location B.  It's like a city bus ride or a train ride.  I like the fact that Southwest treats it as such by rushing people on the plane and closing the doors and leaving.

      If you want a vacation, fly another airline.

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        DH and I have never flown Southwest, but we've booked tickets that didn't have seats together.  If the ticket counter can't change them for us, we've asked people to switch so that we can sit together.  A 4-hour flight is much nicer if DH and I can chat together than it is if we're just locked into whatever books we brought.


        But sometimes people say they won't switch, and that's ok too.  We understand that if they switch, they're doing us a favor.  Certainly there's no obligation on their part.

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