My First Marathon!!! Woo Hoo!!! (Read 1058 times)

    Hi Friends!!! Just wanted to share with you all that I just did and finished my first marathon on Saturday and I am psyched...hooked...and feeling euphoria!!! I did the Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon on Saturday....finished in 4:41ish....not bad for a 36 year old guy who just started running again a few summers ago! :-) But, also wanted to post this....for those of you who want to do the race next year. The course is very hilly, very challenging...but awesome! And, Charlotte has an amazing downtown with great nightlife! The race was great...the volunteers were awesome...so, this is a great race! Thanks to everyone for your great support and comments and help. I finished with no blisters or issues with my feet...my legs feeling great...I had a wierd chaffing on my right side of my chest and arm....not planned for...but no nips issues. So, yeah...I am happy... ...and, I am proud to say I have completed a marathon. Oh, that sounds good!
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      Norm, you should be proud--that is awesome! And your time is excellent, too, especially if it was a very hilly course! Big grin k

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        Congratulations!!! I am green with envy, still working towards my first. As the time nears I will be asking you questions. Big grin BTW, great time on a hilly course. And aren't those endorphins great? Ewa
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          WTG!!! A very impressive time to boot. Like Ewa i'm working towards my first marathon and it's always great to hear positive first-timer reports, makes me think that I can do this after all. Claire xxx
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            nice job..4:41 is awesome...no nipples issues are always a good thing ? Getting ready for the next one ? aloha, steve
              Out-freakin'-standing. So what's next? Wink
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                Congratulations on a tremendous accomplishment! Great time for a first marathon!
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                    Thank you all for your time and congrats! I was asked what is next... my friends from Grad School are putting together a group to do the Georgia Marathon in Atlanta this coming March! So, very psyched for this next goal!!! The course is supposed to be nice and hilly, too! Yay!!!
                    If you go as far as you can see, you will then see enough to go even farther. - John Wooden
                      Congrats! Big grin

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                        Oh no. Not again. Not another poor soul. I am so sorry. Sooooo sorry indeed. Folks, another one has fallen. A good man is gone. Another fine upstanding citizen has fallen to marathoning. It seems he is addicted. And he already has admitted to it. Next thing you know, Norm will be running 8 'thons in 2008, or some foolish thing like that. Sheesh. Sheesh indeed. Norm. I am terribly sorry. Wink Big grin Cool

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                          The course is supposed to be nice and hilly, too! Yay!!!
                          Nice...hilly...yay....does not compute! Wink k

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                            "Legs feeling great" LUCKY. I don't think I walked normally for 3 weeks after my first marathon. I totally know that chafing... normally I get it on the sides of my chest / armpits / sides of my back from my arms against my skin. Let's just say taking a shower and putting on deodorant was incredibly painful for a few days afterwards...
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                              Congratulations, marathoner! Rest well...so what's next? Lynn B

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                                I would die a happy woman with a finish time like that!! Awesome job. Smile