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    recently suffered what i beleive to be a groin pull about 2 weeks ago......obviously i haven't been able to run but  my body is recovering. My question is...how do I ease back into running without reinjuring myself and any tips on rehabbing this injury.... I don't post alot because i usually find any info I'm looking for searching this site but there is not alot of info on a groin pull on here.


      I have nothing to say except I tried running through mine,....complete with limping gait.  And by the time it was healed (2 months)  I had pulled the other side.  So don't.do.that.  Big grin


      Running is stupid

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        I tore up my groin pretty bad about 5 or 6 years ago.  I was water skiing and did a split when getting pulled up.  Middle aged men don't do splits very well.  I heard it tear.  I didn't think to ice it right away and the next morning it was swollen up pretty good.  A week or so later you could see the bruise from the bleeding all of the way down below my knee.


        I saw a doc.  He said to do what I want to as long as it doesn't hurt.  I walked a lot to avoid it scarring up as much as possible.  Walking was difficult for a couple of weeks.  Didn't run for 6 weeks.  Biked after about a month.  Eased into running and was fine.


        Let pain be your guide.  As long as it does not hurt go ahead and run.  It probably would be a good idea to avoid hills (that's what the doc suggested to me).


          Mine wasn't as serious as the Potato's but I did a partial split when my skate caught a rut during a hockey game. I think the guys on both benches all grabbed their groins and bent over in empathetic pain. I let out a good yelp, collapsed onto the ice like I'd been shot. Left the ice on one leg. It was so bad when i got home that I could barely walk and couldn't climb stairs.


          But that initial spasm calmed down the next day. Took me two weeks to get back on the ice but I could run easy within a few days. It was the side-to-side movements that took a little longer. So, yeah, run if it doesn't hurt. Gradually work in some strides when you can. 


          For rehab, just ice and elevate (as much as you can elevate a groin). Wear compression shorts. When you're pain free, make it a habit to stretch the hip flexors and groin muscles. Low bar back squats will help strengthen the adducters too.