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    Today I ran my 365th consecutive day of running!  It has been a great year -- 2350 miles (2107 this calendar year), 2 marathons (1 PR and 1 course PR), a Ragnar Relay and a 5k with my family.  The best part is that I have run every single day outside no matter what the weather.  Most days have been so enjoyable and I have even grown to love running the the pouring rain.  Not sure what is next but I will continue running until I have a reason to stop!


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      Congrats Sara! That is quite an accomplishment.



        Aha, Ojo!  Wow!






        Cool Jump Suit

          Had to be tough on a lot of those days!  Nice goin'!

          So bittersweet,
          This tragedy
          Won't ask for absolution;
          This melody,
          Inside of me,
          Still searches for solution.
          A twist of faith,
          A change of heart
          Cures my infatuation.
          A broken heart, 
          Provides the spark
          For my determination.

            Nice work! Congratulations.
              So awesome! Keep it up Sara!!

              It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great. ~ Jimmy Dugan


                That's so great Sara! Congrats on a great year of running and here's to many more.


                  Very Impressive!  Here's to a another 365 in a row.  From one who can't get 7 days in a row, I know that takes some serious commitment.

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                    OJO!!!!!  That is awesome.   You are an inspiration!

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                      Being the best tiny spec that I can be!

                        Nice job!!!  My streak was broken by H1N1 flu at around 215 days, so I understand what an accomplishment that is...great job!!

                        Run the race God set B4U

                          I am so impressed Sara!!!  Wow, you totally inspire me  Smile
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                            Ojo! You daMOM!

                            I'm at 321 days, about 30? of which have been on a TM.

                            Keep it rolling!

                              Yaaay!! Sara!  Whooo Hooo! You should be very proud of yourself. Sound like a fantastic running year. Good for you. Wishing you the best of luck continuing your streak in the future. 

                              Go as long as you can, and then take another step.