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    Wow -- that is awesoome! Great job! I have just started my running journey, not sure I will do consecutive days, but would like to log 1000 miles over the next 12 months. You have really been runnning some miles to log 2350 in 365! Wow!


    Keep it up!





      Ok, that's the funniest screen name I've seen in a long, long time.


        Thats pretty awesome.......I'm not sure Ill ever make the 365 day thing...


        GOOD JOB

        Champions are made when no one is watching

          woohooo! go Sara!!
            That's wonderful -- congratulations on the great year and thanks for the inspiration!

            under a rock

              Congrats! That is awesome that they were all outdoor runs!
                Truly amazing Sara! You're an inspiration!

                  Thanks all!  I am really amazed how quickly the year has passed -- maybe a sign that I am getting old?  I never would have thought running would be so important to me but I absolutely love it! 


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                    Awesome!!  Congratulations!
                      Very cool. Congrats.

                      First or last...it's the same finish line

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                        Congratulations Sara.  I peeked at your log and see that the shortest daily distance is 3.5 and you've got a great pace.  You're inspiring a lot of us.
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                          You did it!  Wow.  I am so impressed. 

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                            I am thoroughly impressed!

                            Do you plan on taking a day off anytime soon?

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                              Truly amazing...you make so many of us look like slackers! Wink  Are you going to keep the streak going?

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                                I am going to keep going for now.  If I wake up one morning and decide to stop so be it although I think it would be hard to actually do that.  I am so used to getting the daily run in that it is a part of my life like showering or brushing my teeth.  It is just something I do.  I am considering a few 1 mile days just to really give my legs a rest.


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