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    I don't have an easy way to measure my runs in order to do intervals, ie I'm too lazy to get in my car and mark distances every four hundred meters or so, especially when I have this site that tells me how far I've gone for the day. Anyway, a friend of mine, and a book I read suggested speed training in the following way and I have done it once and I like it. It is a little more strenous, but it does help. Anyway, here it is: You run for five minutes at top speed, slow down for a minute and thirty, speed back up for four minutes, slow down for 1:20, speed up for three minutes, slow down for 1:10, and so forth until you get to one minute for the fast runs and the slow. Then, you do five more minutes of alternating fast and slow. My question is: How would I put this efficiently into the training log? Right now, I am using fartlek (since that is a mix of fast and slow, although it normally includes more than what I'm doing) to denote this and then just noting in the notes section. Let me know if there are any better ideas. Thanks, Sara
      Sara, Here's one way of doing it. You are not limited to these 7 predefined run types. You can create your own. Please refer to this post for directions on how to do that. Once you have the type created, you can also use the intervals form to record how much you time you spent at each interval. It is normally collapsed. There is a blue bar with the text "Intervals". To the right is a down arrow button. Click on it to expand, and then fill out the form as you like. If you feel that's too tedious, then just skip it. eric Smile