Calendar week versus Mon through Sun on log (Read 169 times)


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    Just wondering if on the log we could choose calendar week versus Mon to Sun.  My running I've always thought in terms of running on a calendar week Sun to Sat so the stats make me have to think when I see them  In my mind I've run more this week than it shows.  It is a wash, I know.  Just an idea since we can pick so many features this would be a nice thing for me.  


      Marjorie - go to "Options" (top right of any page),  select "Locale settings" and change "First day of week" from "Mon" to "Sun". 


      Hey presto.

        Choose options, then Locale Settings

        You can change the start day of the week there.


          My week starts when I have to drag my sorry ass out of bed and go to work on Monday - My calendar also works that way.


          But the magic or RA - You can have any week you want ...

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            It was the first thing Garfield did when he started a log at RA.





            (because he hates mondays)


              The King of Beasts

                The running week starts on Sunday.


                If your running week does not start on Sunday then you are doing it Wrong and your miles count for nothing.

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                Run to live; live to run

                  Thanks. And I agree running week starts on Sunday Surprised