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Chris P



    Over the last 3 days my 2016 totals and overall totals have been incorrect. It seems they are doubled. The day after the first time it happened it was adjusted correctly but it happened again yesterday and today. My streak miles are correct. For example I ran 4 miles yesterday but the total reflected 8 miles. Today I ran 8 miles but my overall total is 12 miles more that my streak totals.


    I assume you are aware of this and are working on a fix.


    Thanks for your time.


    Chris P

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      I am experiencing the same issue.

      In the 2016 I've run 294.8 km but the YTD Distance referenced in the 1000km-621 mile club is 379,5 .

      It seems that every time I update the distance of the last workout, the new value is added to the total.


      Thank you!


      Andy G.

      eric :)

        HI Chris and GAndy,

        I found a bug while trying to reproduce your problem.  I'm not sure if it is the same one that you're experiencing.  Could you describe how you record your workouts?  Thank you.


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        Chris P

          It is fixed this morning. We shall see what happens when I enter today's run. If I run outside with my Garmin, I upload from the GPS and then fill in the details of the run on the workout page. If a use the treadmill, I click on new run entry and fill in manually.


          Hope this helps. I will let you know what happens today.




          Chris P

          Chris P

            Okay. I figured out where and how it happens. This is the way I have always done it in the past so that is why I was confused.

            I uploaded my run from my GPS and then I clicked Save All. Numbers jived. Next I went to workouts to fill in type of run, location and such and then I hit the Save button which I thought was necessary to save that info.
            Once I did that, the overall numbers changed and duplicated the miles.

            Do I not need to hit Save on the Workout screen?




            Chris P


              I might be experiencing something similar. As far as I can figure my 2016-to-date total is 223 miles, but for some reason when I go to the summary page of my RA training log it says I have 239.3 miles in 2016. I download my runs via Garmin Express and the Garmin Connect tool.


              Perhaps related: lately I have noticed a problem when I try to save my newly downloaded runs via our Dell Laptop (running Windows 10). It just seems to hang.  When that happens I exit RA and I go upstairs and log on via the Mac Mini when I want to save new workouts (the ANT+ dongle that goes with my Garmin Forerunner 310XT is on the Dell laptop, and that's the only computer on which I have installed the Garmin Express software, and is the computer I use to download workouts to Garmin Express).


              By the way - it used to be that I could count on the Garmin Express connection melting down once every several months. When that happened I would uninstall the Garmin Express software and take the Forerunner 310XT off of my Garmin Connect account. Then I would reboot the laptop, reinstall the Garmin Express software and get the 310XT back on my Garmin Connect. I haven't had to do that recently (knocks on wood). And I note that to download a workout via Garmin Express, it used to be that I would have to reset the workout using the lap button on the 310XT so the display showed zero miles, zero time. Now it seems Garmin Express will do that reset of the watch on its own, and then download the new workout(s).


              Perhaps I am bogging you down with too much information. In which case, fee free to ignore the information (but there is no need to ignore me).

              We're in Crazytown. 

                I'm experiencing a similar problem for the past 7 day period. The weekly, monthly, and 2016 times and mileage were correct on 2/21/16.  After entering my data today (2/28/16) and looking at the data as I moved it over to a manual log, I noticed that the daily distances and times were correct as was the weekly total. When I looked at the annual total it showed an extra 12.8 miles and 1:57:30 time.


                I have a Garmin Vivoactive watch that I have been using for the past 8 months or so and I daily go in and use the save icon in the imported record, update the record with additional information additional (shoes, run type, etc) and then save the record. My total 2016 miles is showing 314.8 when it should be 302.0, and the time is showing 50:02:02 when it should be 48:04:32. I am using Safari on a MacBook with the latest OS X operating system.


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                  Same problem here.


                  I manually enter my workouts. I don't upload from Garmin. (Google Chrome/ Windows 8.1 if that matters.)


                  My goal widget has correct YTD at 216 miles. This is correct. My Jan was 107.1 and Feb at 108.9 currently.

                  My overall 2016 mileage in the overall total is 228.5 miles. I don't know where it is finding that extra 12.5 miles. The time is likely off too but not sure how much. I don't know when it started to be wrong. I noticed today. I removed the overall total box from my log and re-added it but the issue persists.

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                  eric :)

                    Hi all,

                    There was a bug where the workout distance was not properly tallied when you edit an existing workout.  I've fixed the problem and updated the stats.  The new stats system is much more complicated and this sort of issues are expected.


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                      Thank you Eric!

                      Chris P

                        Thank you Eric! It looks perfect today.


                          Thanks Eric. My totals look good now. Well if not good, at least they are correct.

                          We're in Crazytown.