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    remember the story about the father who was able to get out of jail because his son needed a kidney...and he tearfully pleaded with the judge to let him out? Then he skipped out with his g/f and ran off to mexico? cnn is breaking that they have been caught in puerto vallerta today and have been flown to LA!!! woot! it's about damn time...what a couple of unbelievable assholes!!! http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/04/25/kidney.fugitive/index.html "(CNN) -- A Kentucky man who had been on the lam for more than a year after he was released from jail to donate a kidney to his son was captured in Mexico on Wednesday, a deputy U.S. Marshal said. Byron Perkins and his girlfriend, Lee Ann Howard, were captured in Puerto Vallarta on Mexico's Pacific coast, said Deputy U.S. Marshal Dawn Izgarjan. The pair was en route to Los Angeles, California, where they would face an initial court appearance Thursday, said Izgarjan. Perkins -- who had been awaiting a possible life sentence after he was convicted on drug, weapon and other charges -- got out of jail without bond in January 2006 so he could undergo testing before donating a kidney to his teenage son, Destin. Izgarjan, who was in the courtroom when Perkins asked to be released, said everyone thought he was being sincere. "He was crying. He was just literally begging the judge," Izgarjan said. "He told the judge, 'My son is going to die if I don't give him this kidney. He's so sick right now.' " Perkins, who had served seven years for bank robbery, even left behind a letter promising he would "come through" for his son, who needed dialysis. But on the final day of hospital testing, Perkins did not show up. (Full story) "You know he ran," said Destin's mother, Angela Hammond. "It doesn't say much about his feelings for Destin." Destin eventually received a kidney transplant from an anonymous cadaver donor."

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      Now they should remove both of his kidneys and make him live on dialysis for the rest of his life--behind bars. Another asshat parent. k

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