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    Hi. I haven’t used this for a while, but I know I used to be able to export my routes gpx files. I have just created a route and wanted to export it but I can’t find the option anywhere. Has it been removed or am I being blind?

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      With the caveat that I may not be correctly understanding what you mean by 'route' and am assuming that means what the RA log calls a 'course'....


      Training Log > Courses > click View in Action column > course detail page opens > GPX action button upper right


      If by 'route' you're referencing the route your covered in a workout the GPX export option is in the 'hamburger' menu (3 bar) on the workout details:


      Training log > Workouts > click View in Action column > 3-bar hamburg menu > download GPX

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        Found it. Thank you!!!


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            My problem was that I was clicking the dropdown arrow and then having to choose one of the options there, which doesn’t work. But what I should have done was click the magnifying glass and let the route load. Then the gpx option is top right, just above the map. Try if that works for you. If not, then I’m afraid its beyond me...


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