Battle of Brooklyn 10 miler (Read 52 times)


    I raced yesterday for the first time since probably the Boston Marathon this season.  I've been able to get in more and more runs lately as life with 8 month old twins starts to normalize a bit, and now I have a BOB stroller but racing has been more complicated.


    Yesterday (Sunday) I took the kids on the first race.  3 loops of Prospect Park, Brooklyn.  We live on the park so it was 5 minutes to the starting line, making this a doable location!


    The twins woke up at 5:30 so an 8am race was no problem.  We got them fed and played a bit, strolled over to the start with 20 minutes to spare.  I asked my wife to stand at a place near our apartment that the race would come by, which would be around mile 3 of the course.  I figured I'd be able to make it for at least one loop, maybe two before any baby meltdowns.  My wife would be there for a hand-off if necessary, but I really hoped that wouldn't be the case and the twins would just sleep through the whole thing.  I think their previous longest run was 6 or 7 miles before the crying got out of hand.


    We started 3/4 of the way back in the pack to give everyone space.  This was weird --I haven't raced anything starting from so far back in years. I always start on the line.   I'd forgotten how many runners wear headphones!  Anyway, I figured I wasn't going for time, even though that's never really true but I definitely didn't want to get in anyone's way and be the jerk with the huge stroller.


    Gun went off and we made our way to the starting line with the pack.  The kids seemed to be loving all the excitement and lots of people were stopping to say something to them as we navigated the crowd.


    From here, it was pretty smooth.  Downhill 1/2 mile or so and we went wide --immediately passing huge chunks of people.  The miles ticked off and we passed more and more folks, giving everyone ample space but plowing along.  I think Alex fell asleep pretty early, he usually does, but I could see Olive fidgeting with a toy.


    We made it around the loop, saw my wife, I told her all was good and we kept going.  Mile 4 came and Olive started to cry a bit.  I tried to calm her, but the only thing that seemed to help was passing cheering spectators.  She'd stop to look at them, then cry when we went past and the cheering had faded.  We needed bigger crowds apparently!   I figured Alex would wake up and cry too, and then I'd have to drop them off at mile 6 where my wife was, but, luckily we got there and Olive had fallen asleep and Alex was still out.


    So on we went. Still passing occasional people, still feeling strong.  Made it to mile 9 and I could hear Alex peeping, but not crying, so I figured it was all good.  We really started to hammer it home.   Crossed the finish line and had our photos taken and a lot of people asked if I ran the whole way pushing the stroller.  Yep.  One guy said we'd beaten his entire team.  Yep.   We were 54th out of 708 people.  Finished in 1:10:14 according to Strava -which pinged us as having run 10.3 miles and given the non-tangent we took on the course, and all the weaving, I believe it!


    Here's our splits.  Much faster than I had expected! Big grin  Strava




    HTFU?  Why not!

    USATF Coach

      Nice job with the double Bob.

      That is very impressive.

      Vision without action is a day dream.

      Action without vision is a nightmare. 


        Thanks!  It was a lot easier than I had expected.  That thing really glides along.

        HTFU?  Why not!

        USATF Coach