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    I was just looking for some advice on what shoes to buy next I happen to be a big fan of Asics shoes, and I've been using the Gel-2100 series for most of my xc training this past year. I've found that I need more cushioning and stability than these provide, as I move up into 60-70 mile a week territory. I tried the Cumulus VIII shoe, but I found it to be overly cusioned...like i sunk into the shoe as i shifted from heel to toe, and they didnt last me as long as the 2100's did. So I guess I'm looking for something more responsive then the Cumulus, but more supportive then the 2100's (I tend to underpronate, and have regular arches). Various sites and people have recommended the nimbus, DS-trainer, and Landreth models does any one have experience with these three shoes and wants to share?
      Maybe I'm missing something, but the DS-Trainers are stripped down big time to make them light. I've used them for races, or for a change (I'm currently doing most of my miles on a pair each of 2090s and 2100s). Can't speak to the other ones you mentioned, but I'm pretty positive you wouldn't want to put heavy mileage on DS-Trainers. Good luck otherwise!
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        Thanks for the info yeah, thats what I thought I might pick up a pair for high mileage races and quicker workouts but i'll need another shoe as my workhorse then
          I don't know how heavy you are, but that may play into your decision. I used to wear DS trainers and had no problems with marathon training when I was in the 150 lb range. I then got out of running, got heavier, and when I resumed running, I tried the Cumulus (unsure which particular #) but didn't love them and thought they wore out too fast. Now, I'm back down (@ 155 lbs) and marathon training in Nike Air Zoom Skylons, which I like and which are comparable in weight to the DS Trainers. I mainly switched because I'd read that the DS Trainers underwent some mods since I last had them and it didn't seem folk were happy.


            I asked the same question today in one of the marathon trainers groups here. The nimbus got a good recommendation. I'm pretty happy on the 2110's and the Cumulus line. As your miles increase, you may find you like the additional cushioning...

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