Importing Courses (Read 650 times)


    I just discovered that I can add a course created by a different user to my course list. This is awesome because it saved me from having to re-create a marathon route, but that capability is pretty buried on the site, and it isn't crystal clear what to do (running log/tools [menu, not tab!]/find routes, do search, view map, save map). It would be cool if that functionality was mentioned/linked to/incorporated on the Courses view somewhere. I went in looking for "Import Course" or something similar. Also, if other metadata can be attached to the maps, it'd be great for users to be able to categorize them. People could contribute race routes to a "Races" map category (library?), for example.
      dsmalley, I'm still not happy with how the edit course page looks. I feel the map sticks out like a sore thumb from the rest of the page. Having extra metadata is a great idea. It can also support public/private maps as other users have requested. You are right about the course import not being too obvious. Maybe I can add a button on the toolbar. Would a button that brings you to the "Find Maps" page work? By the way, you can also get to the search page via the Tools tab. It should be a button instead of a link to be more obvious. I always find presentation of the data to be the most difficult. It's so hard to design something that everyone will easy to use. If you have any ideas to make it intuitive, I want to hear about it! eric Smile