Kuwait City Gulf Bank 642 Marathon (Read 29 times)


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    I'm looking to run the Gulf Bank 642 Marathon in November. If anybody has run it, I'd love to hear how it went, how it was organized, logistics, lodging, etc.. Basically, the long, boring, run report.




    Thanks, all!

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      I ran this race in 2016. Gulf Bank is a unique running experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. I enjoyed the mixing of cultures -- westerners and Kuwaitis running the course. You get unique experiences -- running through the souk (marketplace) as part of the race. . . after the 10k turn around the race thins out substantially. You'll get to run past some the Kuwaiti Towers as well.  Medals are really nice -- just make certain that your medal actually states the correct race distance. (Mine was the right color for the half marathon but listed 5k as the distance)


      Some things to be aware of as you go into this. This is a race that is open to all skill levels, but unlike races in the states there are no corrals nor are runners arranged by expected finish times.  The mass start is for all distances (5k, 10k, half and full marathoners) at once. If you are running competitively then make certain you are at the front of the pack.. With various skill levels and levels of interest in the event  (some stopped to carry on conversations without warning). There was lots of dodging to avoid running people over in the first couple of miles. Also, don't expect to find porta-johns around the course. . .  The course is mostly closed to traffic, although some motorists decided to ignore the closed course and drove through some sections.


      For logistics - I was stationed at Arifjan  and we had arranged for vans to bring runners into the race the morning of the race. There is a western style mall right by the start/finish. You'll be able to get a good meal afterward and even hit a Starbucks if the mood strikes you.


      If you go into this to enjoy the unique experience you will not be disappointed!

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